White marble, our Blanco Ibiza

Why to choose white marble

Blanco Ibiza is a type of white marble with a radiant white colour, very clean and uniform, which is internationally known by the name of the Spanish island, associated with summer and the brightness of the Mediterranean coastal towns.
Although it can be extracted from various quarries around the world, the first to make extensive use of this beautiful material were the architects of the ancient Ottoman or Turkish Empire. 
Since then, Blanco Ibiza has been one of the most popular white marbles in the world for many years, not only for its luminosity, but also for its resistance to any erosive agent. 
In exteriors it is used to give elegance to architectural elements such as façades, porticoes, staircases or balustrades, while in interiors its beauty brings distinction to any room in the house.

Appearance and types 

Although the Blanco Ibiza is fundamentally white marble, this natural rock carries within itself some greyish veins that give this limestone its unique character and elegance.
In addition to this, there are several types of Blanco Ibiza classified according to the tonality of the veins in the stone. Its chromatic range goes from a very dark steel grey to pearl grey, and it can adopt a brown or golden beige colour.
blanco ibiza
blanco ibiza uniforme

Resistance and elegance at the same time 

Besides its aesthetic appearance, Blanco Ibiza includes among its properties a great resistance to natural corrosive agents such as extreme temperatures or sun exposure, as well as to friction and impacts.
When looking for a firm, durable and elegant exterior covering, Blanco Ibiza is one of the most prized materials by architects due to its solidity. Indoors, Blanco Ibiza is usually used on floors, walls and ornamental elements such as kitchen worktops, shower trays or fireplace fronts.
In short, Blanco Ibiza marble is an ideal choice if you are looking for a white cladding that combines luminosity with good taste and a discreet elegance.


Uses and Applications


Interior floor tiling

Wall cladding

Bathroom worktop
Wall cladding

Exterior floor tiling
Façade cladding


Blanco Ibiza has become one of the most popular types of white marble over the years thanks to its combination of solidity and great beauty, as well as its versatility. 
While its grey veins give elegance and uniqueness to each piece, the luminous white that serves as a background illuminates any room in the house and embellishes outdoor surfaces.
Along with the natural tones of each piece, the surface of Blanco Ibiza can be moulded depending on the finish. Among them, the following stand out:

* POLISHED: Nowadays it is the most characteristic and also the most popular finish, both for Blanco Ibiza and the rest of the marbles. It achieves an extraordinary smoothness and, at the same time, a shiny surface that manages to reflect the light almost as if the stone were a mirror.

* HONED: With this finish, the surface of the Blanco Ibiza is also smooth but in without gloss, completely matt, thus giving the stone more character and prominence.

* Bush-hammered: Preferred when the Blanco Ibiza is to be placed outdoors, hammed finish achieves a rough surface with a rougher, more traditional appearance by incising small, evenly distributed holes, which fits very well on façades and exterior walls.  

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