Our finishes

The surface of all the materials can be treated in different ways depending on the specific use and location for which the chosen stone or marble is intended.

At Marfil Traver we have a range of different finishes available so that the customer can maximise the qualities and beauty of our natural stones.

There you can have a look!


The polished finish of marble and natural stone gives the surface of the raw material a high degree of shine and smoothness. As a result of this treatment, we will obtain a smooth and shiny surface that, like clear and cloudless sky, will give brightness and luminosity to the environment where it will be used.


The bush-hamered finish gives the surface a rough and homogeneous appearance, with small cavities of 1 to 3 mm in depth and width evenly distributed, which mainly serve to brighten the overall appearance of the stone. The rough character given to the original material by this finish helps to give it a better grip and also, in general terms, to give it a more traditional and rustic feel.


Honed finish of marble and natural stone reduces the original roughness and shine of the raw material, therefore gives the product a smooth surface with a matt tone. This process gives the material a very smooth appearance, pleasing to the eye and to the touch, while at the same time giving the stone more character and prominence than finishes such as Bushhamered or polished.


Marble or natural stone is presented cut, preserving its original stsate both in colour and texture, and therefore without having been subjected to a handcrafted work of smoothing, polishing or other special procedures. Thus, the cladding we choose with this finish will look rougher, harder, less refined so to speak, but at the same time more robust, simpler and more natural.