Why to choose Blanco Ibiza

Blanco Ibiza marble is a radiant white, very clean and uniform type of marble, which is internationally known by the name of this spanish island. Widely known for the snowy whitewashing of its houses, although it can be extracted in several quarries around the world, the first ones to make extensive use of this beautiful material were the architects of the Ottoman or Turkish Empire. 

The Blanco Ibiza has been one of the most popular types of marble in the world for many years. It is used to give elegance to exterior architectural elements: façades, porticoes, staircases, balaustrades, etc.

it is ideal thanks to the resistance it offers against atmospheric deterioration agents, as well as in the interior of homes, where with its luminosity and simple beauty it is capable of transmitting distinction to any room in the house.

Appearance and different types of Blanco Ibiza  

Although the Blanco Ibiza marble is, as its name indicates, a bright and luminous White color, this natural stone also carris within itself some greyish veins, which are the ones that give this limestone its singular carácter and elegance, perfect for the brightness of the Mediterranean coastal towns.

In addition to this, it is also noteworthy that there are several types of Blanco Ibiza, which are classified according to the precise shade of these veins in the stone, ranging from a very dark steel grey to pearl grey, and can even take on a brown or golden beige colour.

blanco ibiza
blanco ibiza uniforme

Resistance and elegance at the same time 

Beyond from its aesthetic appearance, Blanco Ibiza offers a great resistance to corrosive agents such as extreme temperatures, prolonged exposure to the sun or other natural erosion factors, and even friction or impact.

It is precisely because of this solidity that Blanco Ibiza is one of the materials most appreciated by architects and also, in general, one of the best options when looking for a covering for any exterior structure, subjected to the elements, which not only has to be firm and durable, but also, at the same time, elegant.

However, this does not mean that Blanco Ibiza can be applied to all kinds of surfaces inside the house, from floors or walls, to more specific elements with a more ornamental character, such as a kitchen worktop, a shower tray or the frontispiece of a fireplace.

In short, if what is sought is a white cladding that combines luminosity with good taste and a discreet elegance whatever the architectural element chosen, the Blanco Ibiza marble will be an ideal choice for its strength and durability.


Uses and Applications


Interior floor tiling

Wall cladding

Bathroom worktop
Wall cladding

Exterior floor tiling
Façade cladding

Blanco Ibiza has become one of the most popular types of marble over the years, thanks to its combination of solidity and great beauty, as well as its versatility. 

While its grey veins give elegance and singularity to each piece, the luminous white that serves as a background is capable of illuminating any room in the house, although it can also be used for the purpose of embellishing and brightening outdoor surfaces such as columns, outdoor galleries, swimming pool surrounds or façade ornaments. 

Along with the natural tones that each stone presents, we must take into consideration that the Blanco Ibiza, like most natural stones, can be worked by the hand of man in different ways, resulting in a different texture and effect on the surface of the marble. Among them, we can highlight:


* POLISHED: Nowadays it is the most characteristic and also the most popular finish, both for Blanco Ibiza and the rest of the marbles. It achieves an extraordinary smoothness and, at the same time, a shiny surface that manages to reflect the light almost as if the stone were a mirror.

* HONED: With this finish, the surface of the Blanco Ibiza is also smooth but, unlike after polishing, in this case without gloss, completely matt, thus giving the stone more character and prominence.

* Bush-hammered: Preferred when the Blanco Ibiza is to be placed outdoors, the treatment known as hammed finish achieves a rough surface with a rougher, more traditional appearance by incising small, evenly distributed holes, which fits very well on façades and exterior walls.  

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