Crema Marfil Marble, Travertines and Natural Stones

The satisfaction of a well done work .


We use a network of factories for the production and finishing processes of the product.


We use a network of factories for the final processing.


We take care of the entire process, including the delivery of the final product at destination


We offer a wide variety of materials available .


Marfil TraverMarfil Traver is a company specialised in the production and processing of natural Stone, which combines 25 years of experience in the marble industry with the dedication of a Young team committed to excellence .

Our headquarters

Situated in Novelda (Alicante), an área with a long tradition in the natural Stone industry, at Marfil Traver we pride ourselves on being specialists in the treatment and finishing of Travertino and Blanco Ibiza marbles, of which we are direct importers.

In addition to products made with these two types of marble, whose raw material is always previously selected based on its quality and purity. 

In our warehouses there is also a wide variety of materials, including, together with our complete range of Travertine (silver, honey coloured or transparent), and the most luminous Blanco Ibiza, natural stones as elegant and versatile as Caliza capri, Crema Marfil, Light Emperador or Negro Marquina. In addition to this select range of marbles and other varieties of natural stone, suitable for covering all kinds of surfaces, Marfil Traver offers a wide range of sizes in slabs and blocks, offering the customer the possibility of making custom cuts or other special preparations on request.  

Our values

In Marfil Traver we are always guided by the full satisfaction of our customers, for each of whom we seek and wish to offer the most appropriate product and service.


Specialists in Travertines and Blanco Ibiza, we have a wide selection of natural Stone for cladding such as Negro Marquina, Crema Marfil or Caliza Capri.


Crema Marfil Marble, Travertines and Natural Stones


The most traditional finishes used for the treatment of marble and which, of course, can be found in our Marfil Traver warehouses, are listed below:

Raw finish

The rough finish is, as its name suggests, the one that offers the most similar appearance to the original, so to speak: the most rustic in appearance, and also the one that best preserves the porosity and original characteristics of the natural stone. For all these reasons, it is perhaps the most recommendable for installation in exterior works.

Polished finish

By smoothing and polishing the Stone in its original state, the polishing process gives the marble a special shine and luminosity, as well as an incredible softness and smoothness to the touch, making this finish perfect for interior surfaces and, in particular, bathroom and kitchen elements such as.


Honed finish

Using a similar procedure to the previous one with the use of abrasives, but without using the finest grains –those that give the shine–, Honed finish gives the travertine marble a smooth and soft appearance. This characteristic is perhaps what makes this type of finish the most suitable for flooring and wall cladding, although it can also be an excellent solution for the façade of the house or other outdoor architectural elements

Bushhamered finish

A rough and uniform appearance on travertine stone is achieved with this technique, one of the most ancient techniques used in construction With this technique, which is one of the most ancient techiniques used in construction, we achieve a rough and uniform appearance on travertine stone, while at the same time turning it into a completely non-slip surface, which can be particularly suitable for stairs or elements around a swimming pool, such as borders or floors. This finish is also often used for façades and wall cladding, specially outdoors.